Your first decision is to choose your van chassis.  Full size vans:  Chevrolet Express, GMC Savannah, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter or Mini vans:  Toyota Sienna or Mercedes Metris. What size camper van do you want? Which vehicle is right for you?  We can then set you up with a dealer local to us that will deliver your van once in, they offer fleet pricing to our customers.  So you make your best deal and provide us with your van.
Secondly, do you want it garage-able or not.  We can add the V top to any of the above vans or some of them like the Sprinter come in a high roof, we do not add pop tops to high roof vans...think center of gravity!
Thirdly, are you looking for the standard Westy package/floor plan or do you want something custom.  On the Metris we have a standard Westy package but can also do custom floorplans or a Weekender.  Pretty much the same on the other vans as well.  Keep in mind that the standard Wesy plan on all vans is something we have done repeatedly so we have patterns and templates which cut our build time down and thus is a lower cost option and if you ever resell your van it would be something familiar to folks.  The custom vans we do on a time and materials basis.  For the custom vans we will submit a floorplan drawing to you for approval and then elevations for approval then we can give you an estimate.
Fourthly, choose your options.  We will provide you a list of options with costs once you get to this step.
Next, we ask for a 1K refundable deposit to hold your place in the production line as we are running 6 - 9 months out currently.  The Metris is a bit faster as it is a package we use for the Westy floor plan.
When you time is about a month away and your van is here we will ask for a larger, non-refundable deposit so we can start purchasing the parts for your van.
The build process is usually 6 weeks on custom vans and we are trying to get the Metris with the standard Westy floor plan to two weeks but where most of the parts come from Europe it can take longer.  
We will send you progress reports and pics with each request for deposit until finished.  We leave about 10% as a balance for when you pick up your completed van.
Lastly,  you come to pick up your new camper, get the walk through and all the instructions and you're off!  Go adventure-some!  We are only a phone call away for any questions and will be there with the 3 year warranty on our part and each appliance has it's own warranty.