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Can't believe that we've put over 25K miles on our GTRV conversion camper van is two years; Georgia to the Canadian Rockies and down the west coast! It's proven to be the perfect vehicle for two very space efficient and adventurous people. We've gone off-grid and stayed in 'normal people' campgrounds, tho the former is our preference. The workmanship of GTRV's Westy conversion has proven to be sturdy and reliable, with a few minor issues. Definitely, best bang for the $$!

Dan and Karen - Colorado

"Buy a GTRV WESTY, you won't regret it"...
I bought the very first GTRV Westy Ford van conversion for the US market. That was twelve years (1998) and 215,000 miles ago. The Westy continues to provide camping fun, now to my son and his family. My travel journal is at http://sky.prohosting.com/chainfl/index.htm with photo journals and blogs – from before blogs were invented. I could not begin to praise the GTRV quality enough – the workmanship is simply outstanding and the after-sale service has been most helpful. Mike Reed, Julia Whitman, and Roy Wiesendahl are a trustworthy team that stands behind the product. Buy a GTRV Westy, you won’t regret it! I would buy another one in a heartbeat, except that I’m not as nimble as I used to be.

Carl A

"We have had the Westy for almost 8 trouble-free years now. Over 70,000 miles of fun so far. It was the best recreational investment that we could have made. I have compared the worksmanship to the competitors units that we have camped next to over the years and GTRV is superior. Mike, Julia, and Roy were a big help at the time of purchase and have always answered any questions that I have had over the years."
Back in 2002, here's what Al had to say shortly after picking up his new GTRV:
"We recently picked up our GTRV Westy at the factory and had a marvelous two-week vacation driving it home to Alabama. Wanted to thank the Yahoo Users Group owners forum participants for their insights. Mike, Julia, and Roy -- we are thoroughly pleased with the van. We purchased "sight unseen" via the telephone/internet/US Mail, so it was certainly a different but pleasant experience as many of you can relate. If we can help anyone in the future with their decision by showing our Westy, we would be glad to do it. Thanks again for your helpful forum comments. ~Al and Judy C from Gardendale (near Birmingham), Alabama"

Al from Alabama

"I can't imagine how it could be done better."
I am new to the RV scene and evidently extremely lucky to have picked a GTRV Westy as my first. I was considering buying a Volkswagen Westphalia and converting the snail to Subaru power as I hate to "Lead the Parade". Just about the time I decided that such a project would be too much to take on, my wife spotted an American-made van with a pop-top, and the (on-line) search was on. A short time later, there it was; the GTRV Westy. I joined the yahoo group and soon, up popped an offer to sell. I took a chance, offered the asking price sight-unseen, and jumped on an airplane using a one-way ticket. I am delighted with both the design and quality of my GTRV. I can't imagine how it could be done better. The people in the (Yahoo) discussion group have been incredibly helpful as has Roy Wiesendahl, owner of GTRV, and Mike Reed who, in northern California, orders and modifies these RVs for his customers."


"It didn't take long to see that the quality of the GTRV conversion was not going to be matched"
The quality of the construction was excellent and the price was competitive but I also wanted to see what else was on the market. To make a long story short, it didn't take long to see that the quality of the GTRV conversion was not going to be matched by the larger manufactures and that none of the other Class B conversions really met our needs.


"We are very happy with our GTRV, and recommend it highly to others"
My husband and I purchased our 2002 GTRV second hand last fall, after coveting the same van owned by some friends. We have taken several 3,000 mile adventures in it since then, and have enjoyed the van immensely! Everywhere we go people want to look in the van and see what it is like for space, bunks, kitchen, storage, standing room, etc. We are proud to show it off, and people are always impressed with it. The van has performed flawlessly. The only changes we have made on
the van were to have Roy and the crew remove the awning, and install a heater. The heater installation was accomplished in one day, and they also went over the van for anything that needed repair, and explained several things to us such as the hot water system. We have been glad to have the heater on several occasions. We are very happy with our "new to us" van, and recommend it highly to others. 

Beth and Rob - Seattle

"I am writing to thank you for the outstanding customer service you delivered to me recently to help me find a fix for my broken "kitchen" window. I learned a couple of lessons from this experience. Both your sales office and the actual factory installers came to my rescue to help me find just the right window and the installers talked the glass man through what he thought was an impossible installation. The body shop I took my van to told me that they had been working on motor homes for over 20 years and had never seen an interior that was so well built and tightly installed.
They were first afraid that they would never be able to reassemble the interior if they had to partially take the cabinets apart to get the window in. At one time, I had my glass guy and 2 body shop men looking in every corner of the van in wonder. They were very complimentary, as am I having enjoyed my Westy for 4 years as my recreational vehicle and primary daily driver.
My GTRV has carried kayaks, bicycles, scuba gear, trailered motorcycles, run from hurricanes, pulled a boat, an Airstream, and made the midnight run to the convenience store for Ben and Jerry's without missing a beat. I have never experienced a moment’s
trouble with any factory or custom part of my van and intend to buy another if I ever wear this one out. I look forward to meeting your team when I come to pick up my next GTRV.
PS: The window turned out to be an easy repair once the glass man got instructions from your installation team. No structural components of the van had to be moved to remove and replace the window assembly."

"The new GTRV looks great - more like a "real" RV though. I am still very happy with the one I have. Sent you an email in September, I think, after I took a trip and sent words of gratitude about the thoughtfully planned van. A cousin and I spent two weeks on the road; it was super easy and fun. All the little conveniences, i.e. drawer under the fridge, storage elsewhere, lights for computer, tables to fold out and the extra little one, all great! Thanks to you. Hope you are well - Chris

Chris - Wilmington, DE

A potential customer asked the Yahoo Group which is better, GTRV or the competition? Susie P, the owner of a 2008 custom designed 'pit-plan', responded with...
"Here is my story regarding this matter. In 2000, I bought a new GTRV from a dealer here in St. Louis. I knew nothing about either manufacturer but I saw the GTRV in an RV show and sold my Nissan Quest van and harassed my husband into submission. When we retired four years ago, I gave some thought to a new van and we went to Indiana and visited the competitors showroom and factory. My husband (the reluctant RV owner) immediately remarked that the workmanship of the competitors vans was not up to the same quality as GTRV. We have since sold our 2000 GTRV and bought a new 2008 GTRV which we designed and dearly love two years later.

Susie P