Great Quality – Great Price

GTRV has been manufacturing Class B camper vans since 1994, originally serving Canada as well as the United States.

We saw a need in the marketplace for a well built, reasonably priced, garagable pop-top camper van, and that's exactly what we set out to deliver!

Today, we no longer have manufacturing facilities in Canada, focusing instead on the fast growing Class B campervan market in the United States.

We start with a full-size, mid-size or mini-size van, then 'camperize' it to create the highest quality Class B RV conversion.

We design every GTRV with multi-use in mind, because we know that GTRV'ers use their vans for a lot more than just camping.

Whether you are traveling across town or across the country, you'll enjoy traveling in comfort behind the wheel of a GTRV.


'Wherever you go, you're always home'


We only sell directly to the consumer!  Eliminating the middleman saves you a lot of money and allows us to better customize according to your needs.

We respond quickly to your order to get you behind the wheel of your new GTRV.

Choose from one of our standard models or we can custom-build to your specifications.

Contact us today to find out how you can start living the adventure of a lifetime in your own GTRV!

Meet the GTRV Team


Mark Landon

Mark Landon is the President of GTRV-Vans and is dedicated to helping customers build the perfect campervan.



Gary is GTRV's lead cabinetmaker with 20 years of cabinetry experience and nearly 9 years at GTRV.


Technical Team

Our technical team is committed to quality and customer satisfaction.