Q: Since the vehicle is made in USA, how do I get the van?

A: You can pick it up at the factory, or have it shipped. Shipping is not as expensive as you might think.  Most folks buy the chassis from a dealer close to us at fleet pricing so the dealer then delivers the van to us, then when the build is finished only one trip to us is need to pick up your completed van.


Q: Can I get a Westy conversion on other platforms?

Yes. Check with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Other platforms are available including:

Toyota Sienna (both front wheel drive and AWD) 2011 or newer

Mercedes Metris and Sprinter

Chevy/GM full-size vans

Ford Transit

Dodge ProMaster


Q: What engine should I get?

A:  There are no single answers to this question as it depends on what you're looking for.  If you want economy then choose the smallest engine, if you want power then look for turbo as in the Ford Transit ECO Boost.  In the Ford Transit, Chevy Express, Dodge ProMaster and Mercedes Sprinter there is also a diesel option which will give you good economy and lots of pulling power.

Q: How many people can the Westy sleep?

A: The Westy can sleep two people in the loft and two people in the bench bed, which is the largest in the industry.


Q: What are the physical dimensions of a Westy?

A: The overall height from ground level to roof top level varies according to what van you choose but there are several garage-able models.


Q: Where can I see a GTRV Westy?

A: Start with the photos on our website, we have more if you need them just be specific as to what you'd like to see. To view a GTRV Westy, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange to see one in person.


Q: Where do they make GTRV Westys?

A: The GTRV Westy factories are located in Sebastopol, CA., we no longer have a shop in Canada.


Q: How are they built?

A: On the Metris we are currently using some parts from Europe and some of our own.  On everything else we custom fabricate all the cabinets and the bench/bed system, we also build our own pop tops.


Q: What is a GTRV Westy?

A: The GTRV Westy is a drivable, garageable pop-top camper van.


Q: What's the difference between the Ford Transit, Chevy Express, Dodge ProMaster, Mercedes Sprinter, Toyota Sienna and Mercedes Metris?

A:  The Only garage-able ones are the low roof Ford Transit, we most commonly use the 130"WB model, the Chevy Express, Toyota Sienna and the Mercedes Metris.

On the Toyota Sienna we can do a Weekender pkg on the 2011 and newer vans that will run in the mid teens plus the cost of the van.

On the Metris we can do a Weekender pkg for mid teens or a full Westy pkg that runs around 30K plus options depending on what you choose for a chassis as we can build on the cargo van or the passenger van.  On the cargo van we can add 3 screened windows as well as any wall treatments like Hushmat and insulation you might choose.

The Sienna is considered a mini van and the Metris is considered a midi van, same wheelbase but the Metris has 20% more cargo area and gets better mpg.

The Dodge and the Mercedes Sprinter are not garage-able and along with the Transit can be order in a height that you won't need a pop top to stand in it.  We usually install upper cabinets in these and insulate them fully as an option.