Wake up to a new view every day

Wake Up to a New View Every Day!

Imagine being able to wake up each and every morning with a view that you pick out! Make Mondays “Mountain Days,” Tuesday “Beach Days,” and Wednesday “City Days!” The destination is up to you and your dreams!


Wake up to a new view every day


Traveling to a new city, town, or location is possible as long as you have the time, flexibility, opportunity, and imagination.

We aren’t asking you to live out of a suitcase in a new hotel every day. Nor are we asking you to spend your days flying to a new place to achieve an amazing new view each morning.

Making the Vision a Reality

GTRV inspires our customers to live their lives with a new view every day, and we make that possible! Whether you are a weekend warrior, a week long vacationer, or a traveler who only stops by home once in a while, we can transform your SUV and your life.

Our camper vans eliminate the need to make hotel reservations, which can be costly and inconvenient. Our customizable camper vans allow you to choose which features are important to you! With options for a bench or bed combination, kitchen, cabinets, screened windows and more, our campervans allow you the freedom to choose a new view every day!

Think of the freedom of being able to travel as you please with a camper van that is equipped with the modern conveniences of a hotel and home! Crafted to be able to fit in garages and carports, these camper vans accommodate travel on backroads, ferries, campgrounds, RV parks, and more!


GTRV has been manufacturing Class B camper vans since 1994. We start with a full-size, mid-size or mini-size van, then ‘camperize’ it to create the highest quality Class B RV conversion built to your specifications. So, whether you are traveling across town or across the country, you’ll enjoy traveling in comfort behind the wheel of a GTRV. With a GTRV camper van ‘Wherever you go, you’re always home!’ Contact us for more information.