Education is more than school

Education is more than school – it’s also an adventure!

Today’s world is full of educational opportunities, and we like to believe that there are plenty of places, people, things, and animals outside the classroom that are begging to be discovered.

Depending on your interests and curiosity, the world is full of educational information!
Whether your learning is for a purpose, say a school project or business proposal, or an intrinsic thirst to know, facts, information, and attributes can be a part of your daily education.

Let the Outdoors Be Your Guide to Education

If you think in terms of nature, we have so much surrounding us to educate ourselves. We live among different species of birds and insects and animals and it only takes an interest and a mind’s eye to want to know about them.

Walk among the trails in your neighborhood and see how many print impressions you can identify in the dirt. Pay attention to the different aromas and try to distinguish the types of plants that surround you in your own back yard.

Take a day trip to the ocean or nearest river, lake, or stream. Bring a bucket and magnifying glass and try to identify the different species that call these waters home. Examine sea shells and rocks and different plant life. Imagine their world and the journey they went through before they reached their final destination.

Travel to your favorite park or amphitheater and close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the creatures that call the location home.

Invest in a Day Trip

Pack the car for a short road trip! Pick a place on a map and drive there, paying attention to how you got there, what the scenery looks like, what the culture of the food and people are like. Compare and contrast them to where you live. Take pictures and post them on a bulletin board on one of your social media accounts to remind you of your trip.

Immerse Yourself in a Book

Much learning can happen when you find a topic of interest that incites you to discover more about. Go to a library and lose yourself among different topics until you find something that you find appealing. Maybe you will find that you want to learn more and you can travel to a destination that will give you more insight into your new hobby or interest.

Take Advantage of Museums and Exhibits

Museums and Exhibits are great places to educate yourself about things from our past or activities that interest you. Some even offer free or reduced-pricing for certain days and times.

Perhaps you want to travel cross-country to see sights you’ve only read about in school and want to see them live and up close. You want to cross the paths of our ancestors as they made their way to our areas. Museums and Exhibits host more information than a book or website does and often carries actual pieces of history that can bring you even closer to your interests.


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