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Education is more than school

Education is more than school – it’s also an adventure! Today’s world is full of educational opportunities, and we like to believe that there are plenty of places, people, things, and animals outside the classroom that are begging to be discovered.

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Wake up to a new view every day

Wake Up to a New View Every Day! Imagine being able to wake up each and every morning with a view that you pick out! Make Mondays “Mountain Days,” Tuesday “Beach Days,” and Wednesday “City Days!” The destination is up to you and your dreams!     Traveling to a new city, town, or location…

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Take a map with you

You should always take a map with you – because GPS just might not be available. Traveling in this day and age requires the same amount of common sense as it did before the internet and invention of GPS. Younger generations may find great humor in having a paper Atlas Map folded up in our…

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Travelling with dogs

Share your next adventure with man’s best friend – travelling with your dog! Your dog is more than your best friend, he is your companion for life. True dog lovers include their canines in their lifestyles, and for dog-loving travelers, that means making arrangements for your pooch to travel with you on your adventures!

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