The Westy
Our most popular model, the Westy, is the ultimate multi-use, multi-purpose vehicle!  The Westy provides the best available space/cost option, and is built on the time tested and reliable van chassis.
The "Westy" name and the design are borrowed from the famous VW Vanagon Westfalia, but our domestic built Westy offers more room, more comfort, extended features, robust power, and a healthy dealer and service system.  If you are looking for a garageable vehicle you can use everyday as your daily driver, with the added benefit of an always-ready-to-go camping or cruising class B RV, this is the conversion for you!
floor plan
The Weekender
If you prefer a unit with less equipment, our pop top “Weekender” with four captain’s chairs, a pull out bench-bed in the back and a bunk in the pop-top, will have you travelling and sleeping in comfort.
Custom Floor Plans
We can help you design a van that meets your individual needs precisely.  Although we offer standard floor plans, we can also build anything that you desire.  Designing and manufacturing a custom van is a unique process, quite different than the one you go through to buy a standard van.  Custom work is more costly in both design and creation.  Custom floor plans carry the same GTRV quality standards and the same warranty as our regular production units for the same 3 years.